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Simple Pricing

  • 1 user
  • 1 table
  • Community support
  • 0.5 GB Database Storage
  • 1 GB File Storage
  • 100 User
  • 5 Tables
  • Community Support
  • 1 GB Database Storage
  • 1 GB File Storage
  • 1,000 User
  • 50 Tables
  • Community Support
  • 3 GB Database Storage
  • 150 GB File Storage
  • 24/7 Technical Support

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    I need a dedicated server
    I need a front-end application
    I need a both front-end and server application
    I need more tables, users DB and File Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Send requests to our servers for storing your user's information. Also find the information to show back.
  • Manage your own users (with login, password recovery and more) just like if you have developed your own API.
  • You can send PUSH notification to your users.
  • You can send and receive information with the server by using socket.
  • Use Amazon Web Services (AWS) services.
  • Perform social network operations.

Yes. Our free plan is good enough to test all we offer.

No. You just have to send normal HTTP requests to our server to do all the operations. Push and Socket To send push notifications or communicate with you don't need to install anything in your server. We've designed everything for making your life really easy.

Yes. You can use Vaskit with any computer language that can send HTTP requests to the Interent.

You don't have to install any API or plugin to use it.

Yes. Once you hire VASKIT, you can use it as you please in your Web Application, Game, Mobile navite application or whatever you want to put online for your business. There's no limit of applications that will send requests to our server.

Yes. We charge a monthly fee which can be terminated when you don't want to use the service any longer. WARNING! If you terminate your plan, at the end of the billing period your data and users will be deleted.

Yes. We have a team of developers working daily to add features to VASKIT. As our client, you will receive all these benefits, without any extra charge.

Yes. Vaskit is also a consultant firm for companies. We give support and help companies to succeed in their next project. We see everyday many companies spending a lot of money because they don't make the correct decisions. Call us and fix your current problems on planning and management.